Rotary Retort Furnace

We manufacture Rotary retort furnace, which finds wide application in the hardening and tempering of various items such as screws, nuts, chain links, springs, bearing races, needles, balls etc.

Rotary Retort Furnace:-

We manufacture best-in-class Rotary Retort Furnace

Rotary Retort Furnace manufactured by United Enterprises has a wide application in the hardening and tempering of various items such as screws, nuts, chain links, springs, bearing races, needles, balls, etc.

We manufacture and export best-in-class Rotary Retort Furnace which are used for a number of different types of heat treatment processes such as Carbonitriding, Carburizing, Hardening, Normalizing, and Tempering.

The foundation of the Rotary Retort Furnace, often referred to as a rotating retort, is a centrifugally cast, high-quality metal drum. The drum is set up in an insulated chamber that is either electrically heated or heated with gas. An endothermic environment is frequently used inside the retort while thorough hardening. Either a chain or a rack and pinion drive is used to electrically drive the drum. The load (tumble) within the retort will be conveyed using batch methods in both forward and backward motion. The same opening serves as the load's entrance and exit. Continuous styles come in from one end and go out the other. For the hardening process, an oil, polymer, or water quench might be included at the exit. No quench is required for tempering. Additionally, conventional carburizing is an option.

Characteristics of Rotary Retort Furnace:

• Maximum temperature up to 1300°C

• Automation for tilting of furnace with Hydraulic System

• Gas flowmeters for cracked ammonia or exothermic atmospheres. We also manufacture gas generators for furnace atmosphere.

• Quench tank exit conveyor

• Available in both electrically heated and high-efficiency recuperative gas fired versions

• Variable speed retort transmission with Gear Motor Unit

• Gives maximum operational efficiency

Rotary Retort Furnace Manufacturers:-

United Enterprises is over 25+ years experienced Rotary Retort Furnace manufacturers in India. We design, manufacture, supply, export, and commission tailor made Rotary Retort Furnace all over Asia and Europe. We are an established Rotary Retort Furnace manufacturer and exporter in India, having been founded in 1998. We have established a reputation for excellence as top furnace suppliers in India, manufacturers in India, and exporters in India. All our products are manufactured in compliance with CE and ISO standard. We are among the top Indian Rotary Retort Furnace manufacturers who offer cutting-edge technology for the highest possible efficiencies in Indian furnaces.

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