Salt Bath Furnace

Salt bath furnace is used when we want to prevent our product from rapid quenching and stop cooling at lower temperature

Salt Bath Furnace:-

We are backed by our large infrastructure facility, which allows us to manufacture a quality range of Salt Bath Furnace designed and facilitated by our highly-qualified and reliable engineers. We have carved a great niche for manufacturing salt bath furnaces, which are ideal for salt-bath hardening, tempering, annealing, liquid carburizing & pre-heating. Leverage on our vast industry experience, we are involved in offering a unique quality Salt Bath Furnace.

Salt Bath Furnace Manufacturer:-

Salt Bath Furnace manufactured by United Enterprises is ideal for salt-bath hardening, tempering, annealing, liquid carburizing & pre-heating.

We manufacture and export best-in-class Salt Bath Furnace which are used for a number of different types of heat treatment processes such as salt-bath hardening, tempering, annealing, liquid carburizing & pre-heating.Salt bath furnace is used when we want to prevent our product from rapid quenching and stop cooling at lower temperature.

In salt bath heating processes, users completely submerge workpieces in a bath of molten salt. The benefits of choosing this process over radiation or convection heating processes include:

Controlled Atmosphere: By submerging the workpiece in a salt bath, you are able to effectively cut off the workpiece's contact with the atmosphere, which prevents decarburizing, oxidation, and scaling. The thin layer of liquid salt preserving the metal against oxidation when it is transferred to the quench medium benefits the workpiece in a similar way.

Uniform Heating: The electrodynamic circulation that the heating electrodes create in the bath creates a natural agitation. Our furnaces' continuous, aggressive swirling ensures a highly accurate and homogeneous temperature throughout the bath, regardless of its size or temperature. Additionally, an equal temperature distribution avoids hotspots from shortening pot lifespans and hastening salt degradation.

Faster Heating: During salt bath operations, the entire workpiece is uniformly encircled by salts that maintain a specific temperature, creating a frozen "cocoon" of salt that automatically preheats the work before melting. This prevents heat shock and distortion by quickly yet safely changing the workpiece's temperature through conduction.

Thermal Efficiency: Salt baths recover more quickly than fuel-fired furnaces because internal warmth of the bath need not be forced through pot walls. Due of salt's high specific heat and bulk, more work may be heated without causing a drop in temperature, resulting in a shorter recovery period between loads.

Characteristics of Salt Bath Furnace:

• Maximum temperature up to 1000°C

• Available in both electrically heated and high-efficiency recuperative gas fired versions

• Low-density high-quality insulation material to retain heat for longer periods

• Gives maximum operational efficiency

• Fully automated SCADA systems with improved data collecting and reporting capabilities

 Salt Bath Furnace Suppliers & Exporters:-

United Enterprises is over 25+ years experienced Salt Bath Furnace manufacturers in India. We design, manufacture, supply, export, and commission tailor made Salt Bath Furnace all over Asia and Europe. We are an established Salt Bath Furnace manufacturer and exporter in India, having been founded in 1998. We have established a reputation for excellence as top furnace suppliers in India, manufacturers in India, and exporters in India. All our products are manufactured in compliance with CE and ISO standard. We are among the top Indian Salt Bath Furnace manufacturers who offer cutting-edge technology for the highest possible efficiencies in Indian furnaces.

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