Hydrogen Gas Generator

Hydrogen generators are a safe and convenient alternative and are generally a more cost-effective solution to the use of high-pressure H2 cylinders.

Hydrogen Gas Generator:-

We Manufacture Best-in-Class Hydrogen Gas Generator

Hydrogen Gas Generator manufactured by United Enterprises is used for generation of Hydrogen gas of up to 99% purity with the help of Ammonia Crackers and Molecular Sieves.

We manufacture and export best-in-class Hydrogen Gas Generator which use Ammonia Cracker and Molecular Sieve to generate Hydrogen Gas of purity ranging from 96% to 99%. This is very cheaper method of producing Hydrogen Gas as compared to electrolysis process.

Process of generating Hydrogen:

• Ammonia Cracker is used to dissociate Ammonia:

AMMONIA                    Cracked Ammonia (75% Hydrogen + 25% Nitrogen)

• Molecular Sieve base Hydrogen Gas Generator is used to separate Hydrogen from Cracked Ammonia:

Cracked Ammonia                      96% to 99% Hydrogen.

Characteristics of Hydrogen Gas Generator:

• Used for generating reducing atmosphere in furnace

• Hydrogen purity ranging from 96% to 99%

• Ammonia Cracker having capacity ranging from 2 to 300 NM3/Hr.

• Easy maintenance and long-life Heaters

• IN 519 Retort and Long-life catalyst

• Quality Parameters like Dew point and Ammonia PPM best in same class

• Buzzer alarm for all activities

• Fully automated SCADA systems with improved data collecting and reporting capabilities for bigger size Hydrogen Gas Generator

Hydrogen Gas Generator Suppliers & Manufacturer:-

United Enterprises is over 25+ years experienced Hydrogen Gas Generator manufacturers in India. We design, manufacture, supply, export, and commission tailor made Hydrogen Gas Generator all over Asia and Europe. We are an established Hydrogen Gas Generator manufacturer and exporter in India, having been founded in 1998. We have established a reputation for excellence as top furnace suppliers in India, manufacturers in India, and exporters in India. All our products are manufactured in compliance with CE and ISO standard. We are among the top Indian Hydrogen Gas Generator manufacturers who offer cutting-edge technology for the highest possible efficiencies in Indian furnaces.

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